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Small Precautions and Trapping Techniques can make Home Mosquito Control Easy

Mosquitoes thrive in tropical weather, and are found throughout globe. Mosquito control manages the population of mosquitoes to reduce their damage to human health. The way to eliminate mosquitoes permanently would be to kill all the mosquitoes in an area. Mosquito control is a very important public-health practice all over the world and particularly in the tropics because mosquitoes spread many diseases like Malaria, Dengue, yellow fever, filariasis, chikungunya, Zika virus. The way to eliminate mosquitoes permanently would be to kill all the mosquitoes in an area. That way, there are no more mosquito eggs being laid and thus no new mosquitoes.

Trapping Method

Several experiments and researches are implemented for trapping mosquitoes. Traditional approach to control mosquito populations is the use of lethal ovitraps, which provide artificial breeding spots for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. These traps usually contain a chemical inside the trap that is used to kill the adult mosquito and the larvae in the trap. This method is more popular to control Aedes mosquito populations.

To kill all of the mosquitoes, you would need to devise like the Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap system. The MM trap significantly reduced the mosquito biting rate. Mosquitoes are attracted to exhaled carbon dioxide, the warmth of breath and the scent of skin. Mosquito Magnet not only attracts and kills mosquitoes - it also helps to limit their re-population, Mosquito Magnet attempts to disrupt the breeding cycle of mosquitoes by specifically targeting females.

Mosquito Magnet is ready to help with its innovative CO2 mosquito traps that reduce mosquitoes and other biting insects. With MM trap technology, you can capture and remove female mosquitoes from the breeding cycle. Once mosquitoes are trapped inside a MM machine, they die of dehydration within few hours.

BiogentsMosquitaire can be a best option to trap the mosquito as it can catch more mosquitos in a specific period of time compared to other trapping system. It has an advantage to catch more tiger mosquitoes that cause many health hazard diseases.

Several types of biological control techniques introduced including the direct introduction of parasites, and predators to control mosquito’s population. Effective bio control agents include predatory fish like mosquito fish , cyprinids , killifish, Tilapia, dragonfly that consume mosquito larvae.

There are different ways to control mosquitoes. Here are some protection tips one can follow in controlling mosquito;

Residence protection-

  • Keep your doors and windows close during the mosquito are active.
  • Fix the screen on windows and doors
  • Breeze from a fan can keep the mosquito away from
  • Keep the indoor humidity low to make a perfect fight with Mosquito
  • Use mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito

Enclosure Protection-

  • Invest in Mosquito Magnet traps to suck the mosquito inside and stop the breeding cycle.
  • Eliminate standing water container to stop breeding process of Mosquito.
  • Place screen over water barrels rather it may be a best place to breed by mosquito.
  • Trim tall grass as the vegetation protects and covers the mosquito during heat of the day.
  • Plant mosquito repelling plants like lemongrass, Basil, Lavenders.
  • Maintain your artificial pond and pools regularly

When you buy a mosquito trap you are investing in the comfort and safety in your home. At Mosquitaire we offer professional Mosquito control services in your home and office premises. We make reliable efforts to offer complete safety for your family and loved ones. All of our products contain the most effective ways and the world's best equipment for controlling mosquito without using carbon dioxide. With Mosquitaire you can get rid of more mosquitoes in a given time frame compared to conventional CO2 emitting traps. We can advise the best locations for placing the Mosquitaire with user friendly instruction manual. For any enquiry about mosquito Trap system please contact us at our number < 204 - 977 – 1674> or mail us at

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