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The Mosquito Control Guide for Homeowners

Do you run inside at dusk to avoid mosquito swarms? Or are you awake at night by high pitched whining in your ears? No matter what, mosquitoes are really annoying insects. If you want to deal with mosquitoes successfully, it’s necessary to know about mosquitoes better – which will allow you to reclaim your outdoor areas and make indoors a mosquito-free zone by choosing a useful aide to control mosquito – mosquito trap.

Why are Mosquitoes Dangerous –

Though summer is knocking at the door, the conditions are perfect for the mosquito population explosion. Though for many homeowners, mosquitoes are just annoying, they also carry a number of viruses that can cause severe diseases and even death in humans – for instance, Zika Virus.

What Happens when a Mosquito Bites –

Usually, female mosquitoes bite and suck blood as the blood offers necessary nutrients for their eggs. When a mosquito lands on a human body, it punctures the skin with tow tubes – one draws blood and the other injects an enzyme to prevent blood clotting. Many people have a minor allergy to this kind of enzyme that creates small bump and itching. However, mosquitoes find their victims by identifying infrared radiation emitted by the warm blood inside the human body, observing movements and utilizing chemical signals


What are the Important Things to Know about Mosquitoes –

Before choosing an efficient mosquito trap, it’s important to “Know Your Enemy” first, it gives you the  knowledge of their weakness and maximizes the chances of your success. IN fact, understanding the mosquito life-cycle is a perfect starting point.

Mosquito Life-cycle –

After mating, the adult female mosquito requires blood before laying eggs. They lay eggs on or near the areas of still water. The mosquito larvae (wrigglers) will hatch within a couple of days. After 7 to 10 days, the larvae become a pupae near the water body and grow into adult. Once the adult hatches, it starts looking for a mate and the life-cycle starts again.

Mosquitaire with C02

Common Mosquito Behaviors –

There are two different mosquito behaviors that can influence your control efforts.

1. Mosquitoes are not strong fliers. They can be blown to longer distances on the wind, but they won’t fly very far from their breeding place. For instance, if you’ve a mosquito outbreak at your home, the source of the problem will be nearby. So you should find the particular source and break the breeding cycle.

2. Most mosquito species bite humans from dusk to dawn as during day time they need a place to rest. Their resting places are sheltered areas; which are protected from sun, wind and rain. These places include under eaves, decking, outdoor furniture, the underside of plants, furniture, beds, curtains etc. it can help you a list of obvious places to use a mosquito trap.

So What Actions Should You Take to Get Rid of Mosquitoes –

Mosquitoes are the backyard nuisance every year. If you are thinking to follow a typical mosquito prevention plan, consider adding a mosquito trap – Mosquitaire to the list. We have mosquito control kits like CO2 Adapter Kit, Biogents Sweetscent-Replacement Scents, Mosquitaire with C02 and much more to choose from.

For more information about our products, don’t hesitate to contact Mosquitaire on 204-977-1674!


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